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Site proposed as a strategic allocation in the District Plan

02 Nov 2015

Mid Sussex District Council have proposed the East of Brighton Road site for allocation in the District Plan.

Following updated evidence, the Council has identified that the Objectively Assessed Need for housing in Mid Sussex has increased, and a higher level of housing of at least 800 homes per year should be delivered across the District. To help meet this need, the land to the East of Brighton Road has been proposed for allocation as a strategic housing site in the emerging District Plan to deliver 600 new homes.

The Council's report recommending the inclusion of the strategic allocation will be considered at a meeting of the Council's Scrutiny Committee for Planning and Economic Development on 10th November and the Full Council Committee on 11th November. Thakeham is looking forward to working constructively with Mid Sussex District Council to help ensure that the proposals assist the Council in delivering the development to assist in meeting the District’s housing need.


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